About Us

Video Our Director behind the camera.
we're comprised of a committed group of professionals who have an intense enthusiasm and devotion to film and other visual media.

Since 2005, Soaring Productions has striven to meet the needs of businesses looking to grow and to achieve their goals by using the power of media. We have worked for several companies, studios, and event promoters, providing them with quality media. Whether it's video, photography, audio or graphics, our team of creative professionals have the experience, education and passion to deliver the very best.

Our History

We began our journey in 2005, when we shot our first event in Miami, Fl. In 2008, we moved our company to Orlando,Fl. to be more centralized to our client base. Since then, our creative team has produced high quality visual media for clients throughout the country.

Why Soaring Productions?

Experience & Technology

We have over ten years of experience in video production and photography using all the latest formats. From 16mm Film, to 4K Digital.

We are always keeping up with the latest filmmaking technology. We've worked with almost every format available, and are always updating our equipment to keep up with today's fast-paced media industry.

Creativity & Ingenuity

At Soaring Productions, our directors, editors, camera operators and graphic artists, all have a diverse background in media production, but it is our passion for what we do that makes us the best.

We're always challenging ourselves to grow as a company as well as individuals. We're constantly experimenting with shots and story ideas, brainstorming unique solutions that would not only benefit us, but our clients as well.

Education & professionalism

Our creative team have spent years learning and perfecting their trade. Our lead Director and editor both earned a Bachelor of Science in film from Full Sail University.

Along with learning traditional film techniques and formats, we learned professionalism. We believe our attitude and work ethic contribute to our quality of work as much as any of our cameras.

Our Team

Anete Puga
Jules Du Peza

Creative Director
Jules is a self motivated creative with a passion for media and design. He enjoys the fabrication process the most and is usually coming up with innovative ways to capture the perfect shot.

On his spare time, Jules brews beer in his custom brewing rig that he built himself.

Patrick Pool
Hector Aleman

Post-Production Manager
Hector is a creative professional that has been behind the camera since age 12. He loves everything about the film making process from designing shots to props! He takes great pride in what he does.

He shot his first movie at age 12 with the help of his friends and a remote control robot he built out of shoeboxes and RC cars. Top that George Lucas!